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Are You Doing All You Can To Keep Your Colored Hair Nourished? Check The List!


Going blonde from a sparkling blue, or going green from the much-adored silver of the Targaryen feels like a successful exploration of yourself, isn’t it? Changing shades of our hair give us confidence in the most unusual way. To blurt the point, it feels exceptionally amazing and we bet, once you start infusing your hair in different dyes, there’s no way you can stop it.

compagnia del colore price

So, when we listen to our inner scout looking to adorn new looks, we bargain our hair’s natural texture, quality, and shine with it. To undo that, to keep every bit of the hair’s natural luster you may have to go an extra mile with care taking of your lovely hair. If you think that you are doing enough to take care of your colored hair, we recommend you to check it out with this list:

  1. Color calls for extra care. Are you using color-centric shampoos?

Using chemicals comes with it own setbacks, but when we have everything to flaunt, why worry about the setbacks, right? Well, you don’t have anything to worry about right now when you are pumped up with your beautifully colored hair, but what about later? Yes, we all have to face consequences whether it is today, or tomorrow. Thus, we recommend you to only use color care shampoos. For instance, Compagnia Del Hair Color Care shampoos are formulated using nourishment essentials such as vitamin E, vines extracts, and oranges that assist in improving the texture of your colored hair.

  1. Walk an extra mile for the color care regime with color care creams

If you think that shampooing and conditioning your dyed hair is enough for it’s ideal care, you are wrong. Dyes do damage your hair from within for which you must do everything you can. Opt for using color care creams to not only enhance the quality of your hair, but to also preserve the color of your hair.  In as low as Compagnia Del Colore price, you can avail one of the most loved color care creams to treat your dyed hair.

  1. Hot oil treatments add sheen to your colored hair, are you going for it?

Oiling gives a natural shine and luster to your hair if done regularly. But we all know that’s never going to happen, right? So what you can do is apply the oil and treat your hair with a steam of a hot towel before washing your hair. After getting the hot oil treatment, let your hair cool down to the room temperature before you wash them.

  1. Did you know chlorine can damage your dyed hair?

Many of you may know this, but there is always someone who doesn’t! Chlorine can damage your hair with much more intensity when you have gotten your hair dyed. Whenever you feel like taking a dip in the swimming pool, make sure you either don’t allow your hair to get wet (almost impossible), or apply for a leave in hair treatment like conditioners before you head in a chlorine prone zone.

  1. Do you make your hair ready for the next treatment?

Just like we said, you can never stop coloring your hair once you have experienced the rush that it gives. So, before heading out to the salon for trying out a new shade, make sure you keep your hair ready for another blow of chemicals. Use hair masks and deep conditioning treatments generously before a week of your coloring appointment to the salon.

Ovik beauty store has specialized treatments for colored hair which you must check if you are looking for some amazing brands that work naturally. There is an alternative to get a different look which can take place of this chemical procedure of coloring. You can add extensions instead of making your own hair go through the harsh blow of chemicals. We do keep luxury virgin hair extensions which could add a pop of color to the hair without compromising its natural luster.