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4 Best Foods For The Worst 4 Hair Problems

  • Huptech Web Private Limited Collaborator

Those lifeless strands are like dull spots in the bling of your personality. They definitely get annoying especially when you are all decked up but your dull hair ruin things for you. Yes, there are brilliant hair care products that you can avail from Eminence skin care retailers spread across Canada, but is that all that’s in our control?


There are times when even a dedicated, regular use of the best brands for your hair may not give you desired results. If you are facing this dreadful situation, you need to check your nutrients intake. Nutrition plays an important role in maintaining every organ of our body including our luscious hair. Different hair struggles pose a different problem and they all have a distinct food solution.

We have listed a few nightmarish hair health issues and a single food that could help you overcome that particular problem quite easily.

Check Out The Best Foods For The Following Hair Problems

Thinning Hair- Don’t befriend chicken because that’s what you need to eat

Hair loss is a major issue among the Millennials and the reason behind their untimely hair loss is the quality of food that they consume. Although there is no point in controlling the natural degenerative process where we all lose 50-100 strands ideally, we can definitely work on our thinning hair. Proteins are the building blocks of our hair’s health and to control the thinning, chicken is considered to be the best. You can easily cover 75% of the daily protein intake recommended for women by eating a 4-ounce pack. Vegetarians can go for lentils, chickpeas, and quinoa which offer 18, 15, and 8 grams of protein respectively.

Dull Hair- Salmon can fix the dud

Each hair issue represents unique deficiency. Just like thinning hair is a sign of low proteins, dull hair signals deficiency of healthy fats. Your hair gets devoid of its natural shine and glam when you get a deficit of healthy fats. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which play a huge role in feeding the oil gland around the hair follicles. 3.5 ounce of Salmon portion two times a week is considered to be healthy by a reputed Heart health association. Try going with that, and vegetarians can substitute fish meat with flax seeds.

Hair Breakage- Vitamin C Makes The Best Strengthener

When your hair are not actually falling but breaking while combing or even handling is a cue for low levels of vitamin C. Although vitamin C does not directly contribute, our body needs it to make enough hair protein and the building of muscles. The tang of strawberries offers a satisfying amount of vitamin C needed by our body. In fact, with just a cup of strawberries, you cover 113% of your daily recommended vitamin C. You can also go for other citrus elements such as oranges, peppers, guavas, pineapple, etc.

Flaky Scalp- Targeting Minerals

Flaky scalp becomes an itchy scalp if not dealt with instantly. Flake formation on our scalp points out our zinc deficiency. Zinc is a mineral whose daily consumption requirement is 8 mg. Zinc prevents your scalp from turning dry. The most resourceful foods for zinc are pumpkin seeds ( half a cup covers 19% of daily requirement), yogurt, cereals, pork, and cashews. Include these foods at different intervals of time to meet your daily zinc necessities and maintain the best scalp health.

Being a skin and health enhancing store, Ovik certainly has brands like Suddz hair products and a range that concentrates on the betterment of curly hair- Devacurl hair products that could be of great assistance when you follow this food regime. Using these naturally formulated shampoos and conditioners for your hair can provide external nourishment that definitely speeds up the process.