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Start Drinking Copper Water and Stay Healthy


Whether we believe or not but ancient people were far more advanced and knowledgeable than us in all ways – physically, technologically, medically and also mentally. If you have read Ramayana and Mahabharata, you might know that they were far more ahead and had expertise in the medical field and also had better war machines. They had great medical tactics and were very well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of metals. Now, it is very well understood that why they used gold, silver or copper utensils for storing food and water. It has been tested and proved scientifically that gold, copper and silver has a high level of purity and food or water eaten in such vessels gives us amazing health benefits.

Copper water keeps you fit and fine

Who doesn't wants healthy and diseases free life? Obviously, everyone wants. Nowadays, in this modern world, chances of catching disease have increased as consumption of unhealthy and junk food has increased. Though people are becoming modern but they are getting away from traditional and ancient health care remedies. That's the reason why disease due to water and food have increased. Previously people used to drink water stored in a copper vessel and now usage of plastic has increased which is really very harmful to our health. So if you want a healthy living, start drinking water stored in a Copper Water Bottle. When water stored over a long time in copper, it kills all bacteria and virus which are responsible for disease making it perfectly fit for drinking. Experts say that copper kills bacteria that are responsible for food poisoning. Our body requires 1mg/day of copper and water stored in copper utensil is the best way to fulfill this requirement. Copper water is also best for a healthy working of the digestive system.

Copper Water Bottle

Can't believe such health benefits of copper water? Then, see what research says….

This research has completely proved that ancient methodology of drinking copper water was worth and beneficial from the medical point of view. For an experiment, researchers stored ground water having alkaline ph and with 500 colony of bacteria in the copper pot for almost 16-18 hours. And the results were shocking. All the bacteria were destroyed after 16 hours. Further, researchers concluded that such water storage methodology can kill diarrhea-causing bacteria like E.coli and vibrio cholerae.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get copper vessel and start following the ancient methodology for a healthy and disease free living.