Vasanti Health Products


Vasanti Health Products?

The coppered water (Tamra Jal in India) is a natural antioxidant that helps to balance the doshas of a human body (Vata, Pitta & Kapha). It energizes, ionizes & balances the pH; making the water “alive” (in terms of lost ingredients, pH value & vitality) again. Considering this; the Ovik’s Store has been started to sell authentic and high-quality copper water bottle and other vessels online in Canada.

Why to Buy Vasanti Health Tamba Products?

A copper (Tamba) is an essential trace mineral that is required for body metabolic functioning. The Vasanti Health Tamba is 100% pure and plays a big role in the normal functioning of the immune & nervous systems. Drinking the water stored in a copper vessel has many benefits: improving digestion, boosting immunity and reduce inflammation. Even it is useful for prevention of aging.

The Ovik’s Store is highly dedicated to delivering Vasanti Tamba products. If you wish to know about the coppered water health benefits and product specifications; contact us now.


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