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This Summer, don't worry about your hair and skin


Summer is approaching and the warm wind is in a double swing. People, willingly or unwillingly stay out in the sunshine. Some people may enjoy the warmth out there, while for some, it might be tough to roam all day long in the sun. And it is obvious, that spending whole day in the hot sun is somewhat wreaky. Sun's UV rays are a threat to your skin and hair both.  If your hair is exposed to the sun for a long, then you may face problems like split ends, dry and rough texture.  You can also notice that your skin seems less glow and lacks in moisture resulting in dullness. By taking some precautions and care, you can enjoy sun rays without any negative impact on your skin and hair. So now, have fun this summer by investing a little time and money in caring hair and skin.

Here are some precautions and safety tips by which you can protect the beauty of your skin and hair.

Trim Your hair

Trimming is the best idea to get rid of split ends and by trimming you can also get rid off damaged hair tissues before it gets more damaged by the sun. Trimmed hair requires less time to get your hair ready for an outing and it's even convenient during pool bath.

Hair - Cleanse & Conditioner

Use conditioner

After spending a whole day out in sun, get your hair conditioned by hydrating conditioner. This way, you can regain moisture in your dry hair also it repairs the damaged and dry ends which are affected by harsh rays. Don't use products that consist of harsh sulfates and sodium chloride as it may make the condition even worse. There are several Hair Care Products available online as of DEVACURL and COMPAGNIA DEL COLORE, which you can use for positive results.

Skin - Moisturizer

Anti – UV products

Make sure that you have applied sunscreen lotion on your face and hands before stepping out in sun. Such anti-UV hair and Skin Care Products which are available online helps you against UV rays and retain moisture. It prevents the skin cells from getting damaged by sunburn.

Cover Up Your Hair with Scarf

Scarf on your head protects your hair from direct sun rays. Direct and harsh rays are very harmful to hair follicles, they absorb all your hair moisture which further results in dry and brittle hair, giving a messy look.