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Few Precautions and let your hair and skin remain protected from the sun


Sun is glittering and everyone wants to get out from the house to enjoy the fresh air and summer weekends with their families and friends. Though you enjoy the summer sun, but longer exposure to sun rays without any precaution and protective measure may result in unwanted skin and hair issues which no one wants because damaged skin and hair destroys your beauty. Just follow some precaution and use skin and renowned spa products of Canada as suggested by experts and retain your beauty.

You never know, but tomatoes may help a lot

Tomatoes protect your skin from the diverse effect of UV rays because of lycopene present in it. As per experts, intake of 55 grams of tomatoes in a day increases the ability of skin to protect itself from sun rays by 33 per cent.

Skin & Hair Care Products

Slowly and gradually make your skin and hair used to the sun

As your skin and hair habituated with the cool atmosphere in winter, it may take a time to habituate with the sun exposure. So, do it slowly and gradually instead of sudden exposure. While moving out, cover your hair and sensible area with a thin cloth to protect you against sunburn. Rays of the sun are more harmful between 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM. So if possible, avoid going outside during this time period. There are several Skin Care Products in Canada which you can use for skin protection.

Carry a baby hat for your baby if you are a mother

Extra care should be given to babies and children as they have very sensitive skin and hair. If not taken proper care then they may suffer from sunburn which is very pain giving to them. It will be better if you use skin and Hair Care Products Online from Canada. If your child is going to spend a longer time in the sun then make sure that their head is covered with a hat and if possible let them wear full sleeve t-shirt or shirt.

Have a hair and scalp massage with oil

Exposure to the sun may give you dry hair and itching sensation in your scalp. So, give your hair and scalp massage with oil as it prevents your hair from being dry. A proper hair massage increases the circulation of blood in head and neck area which results in a healthy growth of new hair.