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Revamp Your Dull, Colored Hair with These Amazing Products

Revamp Your Dull, Colored Hair with These Amazing Products


We all have had our bad hair days and they are nothing to be fond of or to revere. Issues with colored hair are altogether a new story. Don’t you agree ladies? The split ends, dullness and the brittle texture is the reality of our colored hair which usually is masqueraded by the facade of perming or straightening. With time a major constraint today, women are not able to dedicate enough time to natural grooming and enhancement of hair and skin.

The herbal techniques are now replaced by a single product which yields amazing results just within minutes. Shampoos too are now available with conditioners to save those two extra minutes which they used to take separately. Amidst the chaos that hair creates every day in the morning, we find solace in some great products available today to enhance the beauty of our hair.

Ovik Beauty store has several such products that are dedicated to the improvisation of colored hair. Following are some products that every woman must own for sheer protection of their colored hair:

Color Care Cream-Compagnia Del Colore Hair Color Products

Compagnia Del Colore is a trustable brand dedicated to the development of efficacious hair color products. Color care cream from this brand comprises of multi vitamins that are necessary for the nourishment of hair. Applying this cream preserves your hair color for a longer time making frequent recoloring unnecessary. It has antioxidant and anti-aging properties which let your colored hair remain young and shiny.

Compagnia Del Colore Cream

Compagnia Del Colore Hair Color Magik Repair Mask

Masques is a new addition to the hair care process which is to be applied after conditioning your hair. Magik repair mask is formulated using milk, wheat, and soy proteins which aids in restructuring the damaged hair. The creamy impulsive texture of this mask is made to treat dry, depleted, and dehydrated hair. Every damage that color does to your hair can be repaired with this ultimate hair mask. Makes detangling easier which eventually is the reason of hair fall. Add magik hair mask to your routine hair care for the betterment of your colored hair.

Luxury Virgin Hair

If the volume of your hair is a major issue, Ovik also has luxury virgin hair extensions of different countries.  Luxury Virgin Hair have Brazillian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, and Russian extensions. Each ensembled for a different look, these hair extensions increases the volume of your hair enormously.  Visit Ovik store online to order the best of hair color products and hair extensions which promises to revamp your hair.