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Fascinating and Health Stimulating Benefits of Copper Vessel Stored Water


Hey guys!! We all are very well aware of health benefits of drinking water, right? Moreover, 60 per cent of human body is made up of water and hence, it’s very much important to drink enough amount of water required by our body for maintaining a good health.

Drinking water is one of the health tips but do you know that drinking water stored in copper vessel is much more advantageous? Our grandparents used to store water in copper utensils overnight for drinking purpose. Such water has amazing health benefits than drinking normal water. Ayurveda says that the three doshas of our body i.e vata, kapha and pitta is balanced by regularly drinking copper vessel stored water.

Now you might be thinking that how this magic happens? Am I right? Let me clear your queries. Copper when comes in contact with water, lends all it’s positive properties to water and such water when consumed by us, works like a medicine.

Copper Water Bottle

Here are some of marvelous benefits of drinking water stored in Copper Water Bottle or any copper vessel discussed by experts of Vasanti Health Tamba.

Anti – Bacterial in Nature

Experts of Vasanti health says that, water when stored for at least 6-8 hours in copper, it kills harmful bacteria like fungi, algae, molds and hence protect us from infections and disease. In ancient time, people use this natural water purification method to avoid harmful effects of microbes and germs. Now, in today’s era after almost hundred years, people are again diverted towards this ancient water purification method and it’s benefits.

Protect Your Cardiac System

You might be shocked to hear that copper water also controls high blood pressure. It plays a great role in protecting us from heart disease by keeping level of cholesterol and uric acid in control as this equilibrium is very much important for normal heart rate.

Good for hair and skin

Do you know that how our hair and skin get appealing color? It’s because of color giving pigment called melanin. Copper results in sufficient amount of production of melanin in human body.  People having deficiency of melanin suffer from patches on skin and pale skin. Melanin is much helpful in quick growth of skin cells which removes our dull skin cells and gives a nourishing look to our skin. Even the black color of our hair is because of melanin, it gives a shinier and smooth look to our hair.